What Is Education?

Education is a broad term covering lots of meanings. In general, it is viewed as an activity of acquiring and processing new information. Needless to say, the first thing which pops in mind when hearing the word “education” is school. Yet, in philosophical terms, education is more than just taking classes in some discipline, it’s about learning from life. So which knowledge is more useful – the one that you acquire on the school bench, a so called “formal education” or organized and career-orientated self -education?


Self-education can be construed as the process of independent learning from books, journals, audio/video courses as well as attending specific seminars and trainings. There is one thing about self education that is much different from formal education. And that thing really matters: it is called motivation. Self-driven people with the ability to learn under zero supervision are like finding gold dust to the employees. As such, the ability to go for self-education is what determines a valuable worker from a last bone.

Unlike college education, self-education strategy is totally up to the learner. It’s you who decides on the subjects to learn or which trainings to take. The main advantage of self-education is the possibility to brush aside unnecessary information and devote more time to what really matters: obtaining practical skills.


On the other hand, there is a matter of who can be considered a self-taught person. Certainly, this category does not attract people who read a couple of books per year in hopes to become experts in a field. What is more, self-learner tends to devote much time to reading on the subject which does contribute neither to cross-disciplinary skills nor to those of communication. In general, effective self-education is about being deep and profound. The biggest ordeal is keeping yourself focused on the aim, given that it is you who assesses the progress.

In conclusion, many students opt for sanity of self-education due to being unable to handle the incessant flow of homework in the framework of school education. So, before going into extremes and breaking up with your academic career for the sake of self-learning, you need to consider that there are companies that can take care of your educational troubles and ensure the best academic writing and learning results within a classic school, college and university pattern.