What Are The Pros And Cons Of Distance Learning?

Distance learning programsare a great attraction for those who want to combine career with college learning. In the recent past, college distance learning has become more popular among youth. As a result, today many students are able to pursue their academic potential without hanging around in classrooms. As a matter of fact, distance learning is the new alternative to adult education for those who would like to get a degree without leaving their job or family.

What is the core point of distance learning? It is the process of the off-campus education. It occurs when a student does not attend the placement courses. The course material is usually distributed via e-mail. As well as printed sources, there is also a great deal of online libraries at student’s disposal.


Each medal has two sides. In addition to the numerous advantages, distance learning has also a set of drawbacks. Let’s briefly overview both of the sides.

Pros list:

  • Pursuing a degree without balancing between commitments. Taking distance learning, you can study whenever you have a laptop and Internet connection. With distance learning, students can schedule their classes themselves and work at their own pace.
  • Additional training for your career. Bigger salary is provided to those who agree to take additional trainings to improve the existing skills. What is more, employees who undergo the distance learning may ask their employersto make the payment reimburse.
  • Ability to gain any degree up to an MBA for a much lower cost. The core point is that the online education would cost you less that the on-campus education, taking into account the commuting and accommodation expenses.

Cons list:

  • Distance learning works for those with a great ability to study without any supervision. That makes self-motivation the key factor of distance learning. People with a strong motivational background can achieve stellar results.
  • Elimination of communication which hurts quality of education. Especially, when it comes to learning languages. Traditional schooling contributes to developing interpersonal communication skills while online learning may only harm them.
  • Lack of courses to choose from. Of course, not all disciplines can be taught off the classroom, like nursing or other medicine related disciplines.

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