Higher Education? It’s not for Me

Exorbitant prices for tuition, accommodation and learning equipment make more and more students think: “Do I need higher education at all?” Even arguments about specialized knowledge and skills that are supposedly to guarantee employment and a life of easy may not outweigh desire to dismiss the idea of getting degree.

What reasoning for higher education being an optional step may be heard from those who’ve decided not to enter a college.

Pile can be made without diploma

While you are sitting in a class, cramming for the test to get your knowledge command confirmed, somebody has already made money without degrees and grades. There are thousands of people who dropped out from college or left school, but still have managed to knock up a fortune. Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Michael Ferrero – these are billionaires without accomplished or even started higher education under the belt.

Life is the best teacher

Some young people are convinced that knowledge obtained at college often can’t be applied in real life. They are sure that some quite essential things like paying ticks or making meals can be learned only through life experience. Even when specific knowledge is required, you can google information or read it in a book free of charge.

Degree doesn’t guarantee fruitful career

Having earned a degree, you may not find a job where your knowledge and skills will be put in practice and worthily paid. Moreover, there are lots of jobs that don’t require a university diploma and their number keeps growing. Despite these “strong” arguments, the thing is whether you are ready to work as a taxi driver?

No life on credit

College entrance is an event that takes thorough preparations, in the first place, financial. Many students and their families plunge in debts to pay for college that eventually may not be paid off. If so, all is left is to pay the debt till the dying day.

Well, some of these arguments make sense whereas others sound ridiculous. In the end, it is up to everyone to decide whether higher education is the thing indispensable to a successful life.