Essay and its Significance in Modern Education

One of the most basic skills any student should develop is writing. And what is a better way to practice this skill than writing an essay? Essay is a type of paper simple to write and easy to check. It helps students develop critical thinking and learn to present thoughts on paper.

We see essays everywhere. College or scholarship applications require submitting them, job interviewers ask to write them, professors give instructions on putting research into essay form. This is the most common type of paper assignment used by students. It can be narrative, descriptive, expository, persuasive, or also called argumentative, informal, critical, analytical, literary and so on. Each of these types has its own peculiarities, as well as each teacher has his own requirements for this type of paper. Sometimes it is even difficult to say what type of an essay you are assigned to write.

A standard three paragraphs assay has a very simple structure:

  • introduction: the main essay statement and description of its importance;
  • body of an essay: minimum three and maximum how many you want paragraphs, each providing evidence or example that proves the main essay statement to be true;
  • conclusion: a one sentence summary of the previous information and possible solutions to an issue or problem.

This structure helps students put their thoughts in an organized form. It also makes reading an essay so easy and pleasant.

Writing an essay can teach a learner to respond to various issues or problems. Students are encouraged to have their own opinions and be confident expressing them. This activity not only improves thinking abilities, but also helps develop communicational skills.

The last, but not the least skill that students develop while writing an essay is the ability to persuade readers. They learn to choose evidence that can prove their point of view and support these evidences with examples. The more examples, the more likely it is that a reader approves your work.

I hope that information above was able to persuade you that writing an essay is a very useful activity. It greatly contributes to writer’s ability to think critically and evaluate information. It is also very important for college and university students, so, if you intend to get a high score, start developing your essay writing skills as soon as possible.