Top Trends In Modern Higher Education

Open issue of the changing trends in cotemporary college and university education is one of the most disputable questions with the student community. It is commonly accepted that the education system of America does not comply with modern standards and the demands of the society. Continue reading

What Is Education?

Education is a broad term covering lots of meanings. In general, it is viewed as an activity of acquiring and processing new information. Needless to say, the first thing which pops in mind when hearing the word “education” is school. Yet, in philosophical terms, education is more than just taking classes in some discipline, it’s about learning from life. So which knowledge is more useful – the one that you acquire on the school bench, a so called “formal education” or organized and career-orientated self -education? Continue reading

15 Facts about Education in America (Some You Never Saw Coming)

Every year bazillions of institutions gather and analyze statistics about education in America and country’s states.And every year the results are more and more terrifying. Although every second American believes higher education is the key to country’s progress and development, on practice everything turns out not that bright. Continue reading