Where do you stand on the assumption that to get a decent job you need to gain a degree from a reputable college? Isn’t this what your parents used to tell you all along? The truth is that academic career is not applicable to everyone. Sometimes life experience can give you more than years spent on a school bench.

In the last couple of years education constantly kept facing the severe reality. The first issue that concerns modern society is the rising loss of value of college education. While the call for a fully-trained graduated employees constantly dies down, the new idea of hiring those who do not have the necessary qualification kicks in. The question is – whether it is a good idea?

When I finished school, I decided to take a year off before going to college. Of course, my parents supported me and all, but everything I wanted back then is to experience the real life. My first job turned out a disaster (I applied for a position of a personal assistant), because I didn’t have enough qualification. But the second one as a shop assistant gave me a great mentor who showed me the ropes of the successful business. It was she who revealed my talent, and that is how I ended up in founding my own business.

On the one hand, people without a proper qualification have more chances to get stuck in a low-paid job, while the white-collar workers can get ahead on a career ladder. What is more, a traditional job market still values degreed experts.

On the other side, it is common wisdom that you don’t have to pursue a degree as long as you have a genuine talent. Employers are ready to jump in line just to get you on board. However, gifted people are as much valued as fully-trained college alumni. Success is all about being able to apply your gift or qualification on practice. It happens so that gifted people tend to think they don’t need to work hard to succeed. Clearly, they are wrong. Before my business succeeded, I had to train and study hard. But thanks to my talent and persistence I managed to get to the top.

I’d like to say that you don’t need to pursue a fancy degree, if it is not your passion. Of course, if you want to dedicate your life to science and research, you need to obtain a university degree. It won’t be easy, but whenever you need help, there are companies who can ensure the best academic writing solutions for you to be on the track.