15 Facts about Education in America (Some You Never Saw Coming)

Every year bazillions of institutions gather and analyze statistics about education in America and country’s states.And every year the results are more and more terrifying. Although every second American believes higher education is the key to country’s progress and development, on practice everything turns out not that bright.

The result of what has been happening in the last forty years

From a world’s leader in terms of education on all levels to an underdog among all the industrially developed countries of today.The following blog post features fifteen tantalizing facts about the educational world in the US bringing some stunning food for thought. Ready? Dig in.

Nearly 70% of senior students earn their degree every year

The remaining 30% either fail to pay their student paychecks or simply get sacked. Still, they could’ve brought thrice as more taxpayer money into the national exchequer, if had given a chance to finish the study till the very end.

40 years ago America had the most quality higher education, today we’re ranked 18th out of 23 industrial counties of the world

How to lose everything in 4 decades in terms of state educational system and its prestige? Ask America how. Has anyone already started to do something with it? Anyone?

95% of students from families with lower-than-average income rely on the Internet at school

However, almost 40.000.000 students in the US don’t have high-speed Internet at their schools. How are they supposed to write articles about online education, if there is even no decent Web access at hand? And the paper is due next week…

1/3 of all students from grade 7 to 12 can’t read up to the mark

Now that’s a complete disaster. The generation of bloggers and twitter-maniacs cannot read out loud properly.

1/4 of school graduates are ready for college in all the core subjects

The rest are either to rely on parent’s money to get them through study or never even try to. Unemployment allowance rocks, oh yeah!

15% of young teachers leave after their first year, 35% – after their third, 50% – after their fifth

Young teachers are just not ready to work with pupils who cannot read properly, although who twit regularly and blog regularly. Young teachers’ mind just cannot process this.

Only a half of students receive the Bachelor’s degree, the rest are dropped out

No comments.

For every 100 9th graders only 20 could earn a Bachelor’s degree in future

The rest are just dropped out, don’t make it till the end or simply have no money to continue it with higher education. That’s sad.

Every year 1.200.000 students drop out of school

That’s 7.000 students every day. How much is that in taxpayer dollars?

25% of high school students fail to graduate it within 4 years

A sophomore year?Then another one? That’s the way to go, right.

In poor districts there are three times less quality teachers than in wealthier ones

That’s how you fight poverty in the United States. A thesis about education?  Those kids would’ve written a brilliant thesis, if had given a chance to, of course.

Modern Americans hate Math so much, they’d rather move someone’s lawn than solve an equation

And those people who had said that really meant it. No comments.

Canada, Israel and New Zealand have a higher percentage of adults holding degrees than the US (40%)

Canada, eh? That’s a punch straight below the belt.

American higher education is still one of the most expensive in the world

So, it’s barely effective but still the most costly. You just can’t explain that.

75% of male students aged 17-24 cannot pass military entrance exam because they’re not physically fit

By and large, American teenagers prefer lawn moving to Math studying, plus they are physically unfit.Does that nation even have any chance for prosperous future? Maybe your text speech about education will shed some light on the issue and open the eyes of at least twenty people there are in your class. That would be at least some start.